The New In-Cab Box for Extra Cab Utes

The New In-Cab Box for Extra Cab Utes

Posted by Tanya Smith on Feb 8, 2018 11:59:22 AM
Tanya Smith

Extra Cab Utes are nearly as Kiwi as L& famous in NZ! 

Untitled collage (1)-1.jpgOne of our challenges our clients face with Extra Cab utes is unsecured loads. The back row is great for throwing in a bunch of PPE, hand tools or ya lunch box, but what happens to there in the event of a crash?

Our answer to this is the simple In-Cab box, creating a secure load for these items!

  • Load Security - your equipment is secured inside the box
  • Sloped Lids - this discourages piling items on top of the box
  • Lockable - the lockable lids make it great for concealing laptops and other valuables!

The jack is also relocated to an easy to reach position!

Looking for more product information; such as dimensions? Check them out here:

Download In-Cab Cabinet Flyer

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