The New Zealand Ute Market

Posted by Tanya Smith on Jan 19, 2018 9:47:27 AM
Tanya Smith

Since 2011, NZ has experienced a massive increase in ute sales. In 2017, a record number of 41,379 light commercial vehicles were sold in NZ, compared to 31,122 in 2015.

IMG_7134-1.jpgSo, what is driving this massive increase? Motoring editors attribute car-like characteristics, double cabs, advances in technology and the ever-increasing demand from New Zealanders to have a high riding 4WD-esque vehicle.

In the last generation of utes, we have seen vast improvements in suspension, interior design and handling of the vehicles. From the days of live front axles on leaf springs to independent coil sprung front suspension (and even coil sprung live rear axles in the Nissan Navara!), todays utes are a pleasure to drive.

SYNC 3.pngWith factory standard GPS in most models, a large screen seems to be the name of the game in interior design. Ford’s latest SYNC 3 program with its Android software is an industry leader.

The spacious interior of double cab utes these days offers a fantastic travelling experience, resulting in the decision by many to purchase a ute to use for work and play.

Along with the increase in demand for utes goes a desire for some of the tradie population to get out of vans. Ute in the main are safer, with 5-star ANCAP ratings being an expectation. The motor-in-front seems to offer the most protection to the occupants, and allow the the best pedestian crumple zone.

However, there is a consensus that utes seem to have less space than vans. We tend to disagree. A ute can be made into a highly efficient workhorse using a Gullwing® Service body! We have assembled an array of our favourite 11 Service Body fitouts...check them out by downloadindg the PDF!

Top 11.jpg


Along with the Service Bodies, we have also recently released our innovative all-aluminium Service Body Trailer. This new product provides a solution for clients who use a larger SUV for work but need to carry tools - the trailer can be set up as a full time workhorse, and the SUV can be used as a weekend vehicle for the family!

Top 11 - trailer.jpg

 You can also view our range of Gullwing® Products here


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