On-Board Weighing System

Posted by Tanya Smith on Nov 1, 2017 10:11:49 AM
Tanya Smith

On Board Weighing Systems: Ute Scales


The VanWeigh Axle Overload Monitoring system is a breakthrough in weighing technology.                                         

It is specifically designed for two axled vehicles, each axle is monitored with a patented, solid-state sensor which monitors the load applied to each axle. The VanWeigh system is very durable due to it having no moving parts, so it isnt susceptible to wear or slipping out of calibration because of stretched springs.

- Individual axle weight and alert

- Gross vehicle weight and alert

- Weight available in kg's and as a percentage of the GVM

- No moving parts - durable

- Can be fitted to coil or leaf springs

- GPS output available to allow tracking of overload events or alerts

- Accuracy to +/- 3%


The information this monitoring system collects is displayed to the driver on a digital indicator in the cab. An audible alarm will sound if the total axle or vehicle weight is reached. There are 3 conditions that the driver will be alerted to:

Safe: Indicated load up to 90% either front or rear axle and total load.

Warning: Indicated loads between 90% and 100%

Overload: Alerts the driver to an axle or vehicle infringement above 100%.

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On-Board Weighing System


The VanWeigh Axle Overload Monitoring system is a breakthrough in weighing technology.

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