Lightweight SUV Drawers

Posted by Tanya Smith on Jul 18, 2017 9:10:10 AM
Tanya Smith

A recent client requested a storage solution for their Subaru Forester Meter Reader vehicles. The specifications were that the drawer was light, required minimal vehicle modification and had a load capacity similar to Camco’s Slamlock drawers.


Featuring a 150Kg load capacity per drawer and weighing between 60Kg and 75Kg, these units are ideal for SUV’s and station wagons where a full Rolaworx drawer is not suitable. The unit features a cutout and removable drawers for access to the spare wheel and high quality bearings and slam-lock latches to ensure the drawer units work smoothly and consistently in all manner of applications.

With Aluminium construction and a powder coated finish, and available in a variety of sizes, these SUV drawers are a lightweight, durable and efficient method of organising storage space in SUVs and Station Wagons.

If you’re in an industry that requires a light weight storage solution for your SUV or station wagon, then these are the drawers for you!






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