5 better ways to access roof stored ladders

5 better ways to access roof stored ladders

Posted by Camco Industries on Sep 18, 2019 10:58:52 AM
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Are you struggling to reach the ladders on your service vehicles safely?

We understand that ladders are relatively heavy, needed regularly throughout the day, and are usually stored on the roof. This causes 2 problems - the effort required to load the ladder onto the roof; and the fact that there is a lot of weight on the roof, lifting the center of gravity of the vehicle.

This identifies the need for safe and easy roof access to reduce the risk of stretch and strain injuries when reaching your ladders.

There are several steps that can be taken to improve access to your ladders:

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  • Decrease the ladder weight. Timber ladders can store moisture, not only making them heavier, but also increasing the risk of conducting electricity. Fibreglass ladders, on the other hand, do not soak up moisture, making them more compliant and lighter all year round.
  • Install a ladder rack system with a roller at the rear rather than plastic pads. This means that the ladders will effortlessly roll on and off the ladder rack.
  • Lower the height of the ladder storage. Often with service bodies, GVM and suspension upgrades, and varying roof rack systems, the access height can be adversely affected. Consider lowering the roof height of the vehicle by using a lower service body, and consider whether a full suspension upgrade is necessary. As a guide, the optimal access height for ladders is 1900-2000mm from the ground.
  • Add an access step under the body. A common solution is add a step to the vehicle - however this can come with added problems such as minimising access to the towbar plus added weight. Alternatively, underdeck steps can be added to the sides of utes. When selecting steps, consider whether the operator can maintain 3 points of contact at all times when accessing the roof.
  • Install an ErgoRack - an efficient ladder access system which lowers the ladders down the side of the vehicle to an easily accessible height.


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Underdeck Steps


Ladder Access

Improve your access to ladders

Are you struggling to reach the ladders on your service vehicles? Take a look at our list of suggested improvements you could make.

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