AGrowQuip Parts Van - with Van Crane

AGrowQuip Parts Van - with Van Crane

Posted by Tanya Smith on Jul 18, 2017 9:19:20 AM
Tanya Smith

As a agricultural vehicle service provider, AGrowQuip requires a large van that is capable of carrying oil drums and spare parts. Camco designed and developed a special van crane mount for the rear of their Transit Cargo that allows a 800Kg capacity crane to be installed. The solid mount bolts directly to the van floor and is located so that a standard pallet can be loaded into the back of the van.



The electric crane allows the driver to lift full oil barrels and large objects into the back of the van efficiently and safely, improving customer service and decreasing downtime for AGrowQuip.

Crane specifications:

Capacity: 800 Kg (Double line only) 500 Kg (Single line only)

Weight: 65 Kg with mount

Lifting Height: 1940 mm

Max Reach: 1490 mm


Camco also designed and installed a custom shelving system that allows AGrowQuip to use standard fish bins and 20L oil containers. Everything is designed to be a snug fit to ensure cargo is stowed securely. The often overlooked space above the cab proved an ideal location for Camco’s Versi bin shelving system.

Both the crane and shelving system allow AGrowQuip service operators to operate efficiently with maximum storage capabilities.

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